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 Getting Started
You can bring in your own feeder cattle to Mid-America or we also work with independent buyers who can procure cattle to fit your needs. You can arrange for the transportation of your cattle or we can help and possibly at a reduced back haul rate. We receive cattle 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Grain Contracts And Corn Banking
Contracted corn prices are available to guarantee a stable price throughout the feeding period. We are happy to participate in corn banking, whereby corn growers can feed their own grain, taking advantage of a higher yielding option and reducing their cash outlay.

The bunks are inspected daily with cattle being fed twice a day. Mid-America feeds a well-mixed, corn ration and has the option to utilize co-products, steam flaked corn or a combination there of. This maximizes gains by improving palatability, digestibility and conversion of feedstuffs. Modern equipment, such as GPS equipped feed trucks, deliver consistent loads to the bunks, making bunk management efficient and cost accounting accurate. The professional services of an independent animal nutritionist are employed to determine ration formulation and efficient feed management for each pen.

Feeding Local Grains
Feeding local grains is good business. The cost advantages it offers our feeders is positive along with the impact it has on the local economy. Mid-America's cornbelt location contributes very competitive corn prices to our ration, and the abundance of local grain supplies cuts our shipping costs. Therefore, you will find our feed prices extremely attractive. Utilizing local grain also has a positive impact on the freshness of our ration mix.

Animal Care
Each animal is inspected and processed as it arrives in our yard. Pens are sorted and evaluated based on weight, sex and background. Mid-America will feed mixed pens of steers and heifers together, with customer approval. We will not commingle cattle whereby two or more owners cattle are placed in the same pen. Each customer will have their own pen or pens.

Pens are 40 to 200 head, made up of cable, pipe and high tensile electric fence. Cattle are given 300 square feet per animal plus 15 to 18 inch allowance at the bunk.

Yard Maintenance
The entire yard is thoroughly maintained to reduce stress on the cattle and provide cost efficient care. Built around a former army air field, the airstrip provides extra wide and unusually deep 30', 40' and 50' concrete feed aprons. Large well groomed mounds along with tile drains promote good drainage and excellent pen conditions not only in the summer but winter as well.

We maintain diligent security. The perimeter of the yard is surrounded by fence and gate to restrict access. Mid-America is committed to maintaining the value of your investment.
Mid-America has taken a pro-active approach to the environment. A waste management program is implemented year round to manage run off and manure management. Our yard has met all guide lines set forth by the EPA and DEQ. This yard is certified and approved with an open door policy to the regulatory commissions.





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